Australian Cuisine for the first decadeof 21 century shows the influence of the globalization. In Australia organic and biodynamic food have widely available and there has been a revival of interest in bushfood, the Australia meat pie, roast dinner and fish chips are hugely popular.Australia has an abundance of fresh food all over the year.

Eating out is a popular time pass to the Australian people and they have huge choice of fabulous restaurants, cafes, pubs and food trucks in their cities and towns. In addition to this, their restaurant also offer food from varieties of cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Greek, French, Italian, Mexican and many of the Australian chefs are renowned worldwidefor‘fusion’cuisine, which brings the European cooking styles with Asian flavors.

These are the top listed dishes from the Australian Cuisine

  • Barbecued Shrimp

These Barbecue Shrimps are absolutely delicious with simple and fresh Courgette, pea and bean salad. This is the combination of bay leaves and prawns and is enough for a decent batch of bay salt. This will be perfect in summer which will not be heavier after eating.

  • Pie

For most of the Australian people they like the pies most and it is their favorite comfort food. There are many different pies like fish pie, Baklava Pie, cherry Pie, Spring Pie, Picnic Pie,Apple berry Pie, Shepherd Pie, Rabbit pie, Pumpkin Pie, spring chicken pie, key lime pie and many other different pies.

  • Lamington

Lamington is a sweet sponge with a jam filling inside even it has a national day devoted to it. It is named after its creator Lord Lamington. It is perfectly dipped in the yummy chocolate and coated with coconut to get the crunchy experience outside.

  • Burgers

Australians go mad with the buggers, they mainly eat these buggers with beef, and some buggers are gourmet and pile high with toppings, whereas others are thinner, simpler and wrapped in Paper. Tourist also used to eat this Australian buggers with their favorite meat.

  • Sausage Rolls

These sausage rolls are another naughty foodstuff close to the hearts of Australians. These are very yummy when you eat them warm.

  • Steak

It is found that higher welfare Australian beef is quite something and all the Aussies love their steaks and it is files out of the kitchen for every service.

  • Dim Sum

It is not only doughy but also delicious and boats a beautiful fiery marinade. It is very much loved by the chicken lovers.

  • Potato Cakes

This is another tasty dish in Australian cuisine and it has crispy texture outside and soft inside and you can also add your favorite topping to it.

  • Fish and Chips

Theflaky fresh fish with the crispy texture outside and ever so slightly oily batter and perfect to eat in the sea shore. It is the national dish for Australia.

  • Pavlova

This dessert was named after famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. It is piled highly with fresh seasonal fruits and this Pavlova is perfect in an absolute summer showstopper.

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