Are you a night freak and want to enjoy with your friends in Australia, searching for the best rocking nightclubhotels or pubs where you can forget yourself and enjoy to the peaks. Then, Advertise down under is the perfect destination as it is providing the listings of the top hotels and nightclubsto chill out.

Here is the list of top hotels in Australia where you get the best food and hot drinks.

Hotel McLaren:

This is Located in the heart south of the Australian premium wine district. It is the oldest and famous hotel where it serves the delicious food and branded hot drinks. They have been serving unique award winning wines and the bistro in the hotel won some wonderful awards for their services.In addition to wines, they also serve the best food. They never compromise in the quality of the food they are offering, whichleads to the customer visit the hotel repeatedly. Their meal consists of the tantalizing selections from their self-serve salad and vegetable bar. They are available round the year to serve their services.

Stonewall Hotel:

Stonewall hotel is the place which have to be visited by the people who visits Australia as it is the oldest and famous bar and restaurant that serves the award winning wines and the authentic tasty food. It is located in Darlinghurst, New South Wales and the best place to hang out with your friends or office colleagues for a party. They have widest range collection of hot drinks and in addition to that, they serve the tastiest food. The food is prepared using the fresh and best ingredients. They are open throughout the year, so take a chance to visit them and make your visit a fun filled and memorable one.

Australian Youth Hotel:

Youth hotel is the best place to chill out withnight parties. It is the oldest and the famous pub, which is designed with the Australian prints and historical artifacts andresembles the culture of Australia. The pub is surrounded with rocking music whichtends everyoneto dance on the floor and forget themselves.They serve the best food with imported species and fresh products, which enhances the taste of the food. In addition to this they serve famous wine which they made by themselves, which you cannot taste it any ever. This is the right place for the night freakers who can have the ultimate fun and enjoy with their friends.

These are a few pubs and hotels in Australia where you can get have your night parties and have ultimate fun with your friends and beloved ones. These hotels serve you the best tastes of Australian food and exhibit their cultures, traditions of the people who visit their places. They also offer the tastiest and award winning wines to the customers. Their kitchens are maintained according to the Australian health standards to serve the healthiest food and wines. So make sure to visit these famous Australian pubs and nightclubs.

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