Australia is one of the top and leading vacation destinations with countless beautiful spots where we can spend months travelling around. If you are planning a vacation, you definitely have to make a choice of picking a few destinations that will fit well into your plan of travelling.  The short list of Australia attractions is provided here which will help you identify the best and appropriate travel destinations that perfectly suit your plan creating a perfect travel Itinerary in Australia.

Uluru Australia Outback


The leading and the number one vacation Spot in Australia is the Uluru Australia Outback, it is indeed the best and most sought out place for vacations. If you are visiting Australia for the first time, you should not miss it and its atmosphere and spend 3-4 days there to taste the flair of the Real Australian Outback. If you hire a car for journey, you will be driving through amazing outback areas with colorful desert landscape and an amazing solitude.

Broome and the Kimberley Australia


Broome situated in the North Western Coast of Australia and tends to be busy during the months of winter with lots of Australians as well as International Tourists. The people comes here to enjoy the weather of North Western Australia as it will is warm with topical temperatures with pretty rugged landscapes. It has many attractions that many of us unaware of. Some of them including ancient pearl crafts, enjoying beautiful beaches like the iconic cable beach and many other crowd-free-beaches. It alsoconsists of the shops with local arts and crafts

Darwin-Northern Australia


In Northern Australia, Darwin is a lovely tropical small city having warm temperatures throughout the year. It is considered as one of the major attractions in Australia due to its natural setting. You can find everything like you find in a big city though Darwin is a small place having gateways to all major Australia cities as well as to Asian destinations. The best season to visit the place is at the end of the wet season in March-April and May is the best time to Visit. These three months are with less crowd and more enjoyable with gorges in the National Parks which are filled with water feeling more enjoyable.

Cairns, the GBR and North Tropical Queensland


Without visiting the Daintree Rain forest, which is full of Australia’s natural world heritage, visiting Queensland is incomplete. The visitors can spend weeks there visiting North Tropical Australia. Another attraction available here is the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the world’s top attractions which stretches for over 2000 km along the east coast of Australia. July and August are the best months to visit this place.

Not only are these, There many other beautiful destinations in Australia, which anyone has to visit at least once in the lifetime. The major of them includes Sydney and its Surrounds, The Great Ocean Road Trip, Tasmania, Margaret River in South West Australia, Fraser Island etc. Why late, Plan your vacation to Australia and enjoy with your special ones spending quality time with them enjoying the great places here.

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