Are you running a business? Then focus on the advertising of your business which increase more popularity in the market and gives you profits in your business. The best ways to advertise your business is by listing your business on the local advertising site and the other is to make your business available in a mobile phone. Make your business mobile friendly, recently google has told that

“Nine out of 10 customers would definitely leave your business website if it wasn’t mobile friendly”

Here are some steps that help you in making your business mobile friendly:

  1. Firstly switch your thinking to digital

The first step that a business owner wants to change is to digitize the business else your business will be like brick and mortar, because every person today is using the digital ways to fulfilltheir  needs, so when you digitize your business it may reach to more number of people. Many people using the internet as a major tack to get information about services or using it to shop online, this may become an asset to your business.

  1. Amend your business for mobile as fast as possible

Make asmall change and get more popularity to your website, making your business mobile friendly will also be useful for your website, because Google wants its user to have a good experience so the business or website in the google need to get more traffic else it  will stop advertising the site when it is not getting much traffic and seems to be procrastinated, this may lead to the negative impact on your site. If your’s is a mobile friendly business, then many customers visit your website and the traffic will be increased, so that the ranking in Google will also be increased and your business will be at the top of the Google list.

  1. Introduce a mobile app for your business

In a survey, done by Contract IQ said that 62 percent of the business have their own mobile apps for business, because app are found to be used by every person having a smart phone for entertainment, information and for services. A question may arise in mind- Why they choose the mobile apps? The mobile apps are easy to get the information and the customer can follow a 24/7 in their free time and herethe owner need not to be monitored regularly once it is updated, this is the major reason that every business providing their business’s mobile app.These are the following reasons getting mobile apps makes sense:

  • By using a brand app the business owners can get more customers to engage.
  • This App can provide information and support features, all offline.
  • These may help the customers to take action like register and book appointments, lowering demands on your on-site staff, it is the best and easy way for both owners and customers.
  • Apps are widelyspread, they are affordable even for small business also.
  1. Spend on mobile advertising

As you are the owner of the business you can know the importance of advertising, apply the same strategies in mobile advertising. Use all possible ways that are available to advertise your business in mobile. They may in the form of SMS ads, mobile video ads, mobile displays ads and applications. You can also use mobile websites, social networks and they can get bundled into game downloads.

  1. Renovate business on your local listing pages

When a person is actively searching your products or services, then it is a good time to convert the searcher into your customer by making the products or services at the doorstep of the searcher, so that they can easily use your services. The main thing is to modernize your business page in the local listing pages, this makes the searcher to attract with the latest information and offers in your business.

Adopting your business in mobile will bring a great change in your business and by following the above mentioned steps you can get more traffic and customers to your website.

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