Are you planning to visit Australia and enjoy in  the country which has the cosmopolitan cities like Melbourne and Sydney? You may be new to the place and worrying about where to stay, eat and enjoy with your family or loved ones. Don’t Worry! As we are providing you the list of the best restaurants and massage centres in which you can forget yourself and have a great and memorable time.

Here are some of the best restaurants and massage centres in Australia, which you have to visit for sure.

North Indian Diner


North Indian Diner is the authentic and fabulous restaurant that serves the tastiest and delicious north Indian food in Australia. The restaurant is located in the 196 king street, New town which has the both take away as well as the restaurant in it. Once you step into the restaurant you will get the Indian feel as the restaurant architecture depicts the Indian style and culture. They strive hard to serve the best north Indian Dishes and the restaurant also make you fell relaxed by playing the authentic and best Indian music in the background. It is open the whole week and the business hours start from 12:00 pm and ends at 10:00 pm on all the days except on Friday and Saturday. On these days the restaurant will be open until 10:30 pm.

Drunken Admiral Seafarers Restaurant

The Drunken Admiral Sea Farers Restaurant is famous and popular restaurant that has been running since 1979. The tasty and delightful food with beverages and hot drinks they serve made them the perfect choice for many people in Sydney.  They serve the  tasty and fresh Tasmanian seafood and meals set amongst a vibrant maritime atmosphere. They are not only famous among the local people, but also visited by the tourists who visit Australia. So it is always advisable to make the reservations. This top restaurant is located in the 17 Hunter Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000.

Kerry’s Traditional Chinese Massage Centre
Do you want a relaxing Chinese massage which is relaxing as well as healthy, then visit the Kerry’s Traditional Chinese Massage centre located in 17 University Avenue, Palmerston,  Northern Territory. The staff and massage therapists are very friendly and they will talk to you and know about the parts which need more attention. The practitioners or the massage therapists are fully experienced in dealing with all types of pains and body parts by providing the massage to strain the muscles and tightness in your neck, head or shoulders.  This is open throughout the week from 9:00am to 6:30pm except on Friday. They are going to provide their massage service for an additional hour on Fridays.

These are the best restaurants and massage centres that serve the delicious food and makes you relax in Australia. The massage centre will provide the massages which make you feel like the heaven and reach the ultimate heights of relaxation. The food in restaurants is made by following the Australian health standards and they make sure to serve the delicious and mouth watering food so that the customers and make them to visit the restaurants again and again.

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